About me

Email: vmaheri@yahoo.com
Cell: +1 310 998 7077

Vahid Maheri is a multi-talented musician and music producer currently residing in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Media Art, Vahid has cultivated a diverse set of skills in the music industry, including guitar playing, singing, composing, producing, mixing and mastering, video editing, and guitar instruction.

Born in Iran, Vahid has authored three books on guitar playing and acted as a producer for various bands before leaving his home country to pursue his passion for music. Today, he is devoted to teaching guitar and producing his own music while working as a freelance audio engineer and video editor for fellow musicians.

Thanks to his well-rounded experience in the music industry, Vahid possesses a deep understanding of the music production process, making him a valuable asset to any project he takes on. As a guitar instructor, Vahid’s experience as a published author ensures that his students receive top-quality instruction. Vahid’s location in Los Angeles provides him with ample opportunities to network with fellow musicians and industry professionals, setting the stage for a promising future in music.

uitar and producing his songs. He also works as a freelance audio engineer and video editor with other musicians.